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Overseas and domestic travel has taken on a whole new perspective now that travel restrictions are being modified. Now more than ever planning is essential .

Now more than ever planning is essential to ensure that before, during and after travel the chances of contracting Covid 19 are minimized and that each traveller is able to wade through the myriad of legal obligations imposed by governments, airlines and other service providers.
Bay Travel Group is here to assist you with this from the time you book until you return home.

Some important points you should be aware of:

Travel Insurance
At the date of publication there is only one insurance provider that offers insurance in the event that you contract Covid 19 NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE TRAVELLING. Insurance is critical because travel may need to be delayed or cancelled in the event that you contract Covid 19, and we all know the perils of needing to be hospitalized overseas without medical insurance. We will assist you to make sure that you have the right cover. 

PCR Testing before you travel
A PCR test is required but you also need to be sure that the test results will be accepted by each airline and the countries that you are travelling to. We will assist you in obtaining the right test and ensuring that the digital report is lodged with the airline so that you will not have to produce documentation. 

The unforeseen
Recent months have taught us those regulations change at a moment’s notice and it can be disastrous if your flight is cancelled or a country suddenly imposes border or quarantine restrictions. We also know that contacting an airline can sometimes mean waiting on hold for 5 hours. Our 24/7 service is designed to resolve the situation as quickly as possible with minimum inconvenience. Leave it to us!

Things to consider

  • Additional costs involved with PCR covid tests required for International travel.
  • You must carry your vaccination record with you at all times while travelling even if it is just a domestic hotel booking within your own state.
  • What restrictions are in place at your destination on arrival and during your stay.

If you want to start planning a leisure or corporate trip contact our team of dedicated consultants to assist you now.