Bay Travel partners with AirHelp for air-disruption compensation

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Bay Travel partners with AirHelp for air-disruption compensation

As part of our suite of travel management tools, we have partnered with traveller-compensation service, AirHelp

Where travel is involved, unfortunately, problems do sometimes arise. Delayed or cancelled flights are sometimes part of the traveller’s experience, and whilst such occurrences are rare, we understand that they can be hugely frustrating. Within the European Union, airlines are required by law to compensate passengers for flight cancellations or denied boarding – this is air disruption compensation.

We’ve teamed up with the global leader in air compensation AirHelp, to offer a simple, hassle-free way of claiming back the compensation owed. AirHelp provides legal services to passengers who have experienced a flight cancellation, delay or overbooking when traveling into or out of the European Union.

AirHelp have already helped over 7 million passengers and operate a no-win no-fee mode. The service fee to the passenger is 35% of the compensation. This covers their technical, legal and claim management costs.

Bay Corporate Travel now checks each and every trip undertaken by all of our clients to see whether there are any flights that are entitled to compensation. If any flights are identified, the traveller will receive an advisory email explaining the process of claiming. AirHelp will then process the claim and if the claim is successful, compensation will be returned to your traveller.


What is AirHelp?

AirHelp specialises in helping air passengers get compensation for delayed, cancelled and overbooked flights. With a 9.5 satisfaction rating on Trustpilot and over 7 million travellers helped, AirHelp has the resources and expertise to handle the complex claim process and to push back if the airlines refuse to pay.

How does it work?

If you have experienced a delay greater than 3 hours in the European Union (EU) or while travelling from outside the EU to inside the EU with a European Union carrier, you could be eligible for compensation, a European law protecting passengers against lengthy delays and other travel disruptions. In many cases airlines endeavour to refute claims. AirHelp will pursue the claim through the European Court if they believe that the airline is acting unreasonably.

This could be an amount ranging between EUR 250 – EUR 600 per flight, depending on the total distance and other considerations. We are bringing AirHelp to you to assist you in retrieving this compensation. AirHelp will contact you directly if one of your flights is eligible.

What legislation applies?

The European Union law defines the rights of air travellers who experience delays, cancellations or denied boarding. Missed connections are also covered.

EC261 Applies to flights
* starting in European Union Countries (any airline)
* ending in EU Countries, on an EU carrier

Does it cost me anything?

AirHelp works on a no win, no fee basis. So if AirHelp is unable to assist you in receiving compensation, you are not charged anything. Not a cent. If AirHelp is successful in assisting you in receiving compensation, they will charge you a fixed fee, which typically corresponds to 35% of the received compensation amount. You can see their fees here.

What about data protection?

The legal agreement precludes AirHelp from using your data for anything other than the purpose for which we enter the agreement with them, namely identifying eligible claims.

Who gets the compensation?

The EU Regulation 261 that governs this area is explicit: regardless of who paid for the ticket, the person that actually experienced the delay is due the compensation.

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