01. Our team

Passion, commitment and the travel bug

Our principle of working partnerships extends outwards to our clients and suppliers, but it also reaches inwards to our employees. We motivate and support our staff, and strive to inspire passion and commitment. In return, our team go the extra mile and deliver extraordinary service. Some of our long-term clients are still working with the same team members they met at the very start of our relationship – over 10 years ago

  • Alan Wolf

  • Alana McMurray

  • Alina Babikova

  • Antje Freytag

  • Hanh Hua

  • Jennifer Stone

  • Katerina Janakijovska

  • Lauren Awerbuch

  • Masayuki Fujii

  • Robert Semsarian

  • Robyn Delorie

  • Samantha Ellis

  • Sharon Wells

  • Shirley McPhedran

  • Sue Lipman

  • Surita Karki

  • Talia Shotland

  • Cairns Trip

  • Beanies for Brain Cancer Day

  • The Wolfy team

02. Testimonials

Our clients return with some amazing stories, tips and observations.

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03. Industry recognition

Bay Travel Group has been recognised as a Qantas Platinum agency (top 100 in Australia) every year since 2004.

  • We are proud to hold similar status with all of our key air, hotel and car suppliers